Rope Four. Beat the Par Time. Win saddles or Gist Buckles!

Enter as many times as it takes to win!
#4.5 HD & HL cap
Par: 55 seconds
#4.0 HD & HL cap
Par: 60 seconds

Fees: $100/Roper  |  USTRC, WSTR, or Key Card Membership Required  |  No Age Limit

Upcoming AHC Dates:



This is a Face-Up Roping. Get Straight and Tight before you undally.

1. You must have or register for a Facebook account to record live. Your Facebook account must be public and not private. (You can allow your account to be public for a short time, then turn back to private once we obtain the video.)
2. Both sides will be paid at one time during the entry process.
3. Entries close when we reach 200 teams/ day, or at 8 pm Mountain Standard time whichever occurs first. This will give ropers in the Pacific time zone plenty of time to enter. If the day isn’t available for selection, you know the entries have closed.
4. Arena Set-up: We will run this like an old-fashioned barrel team roping, obviously you can set the distance with a flag or some type of marker. Marker (or barrel) should be set at 60ft. Before the competition begins, ropers will have the distance pre-measured and mark with a barrel, flag, or some other approved method with a designated distance.
5. Cattle: For the first time, you can’t complain about the cattle because you are using yours. Rule is simple, you must pick four different steers, and have them loaded before we begin.
6. A roper who has previously won a division is not eligible to win in the At Home Challenge in that same division. If any ropers in the 7 AHC have already won in this division, their time will be rolled up to the #8.5 against the 55 second par time. In no instance will a winning team be accepted in any division where one of the ropers has already won. Any roper who ropes, who has already won, and cannot move to a higher division, will forfeit any team entry fees paid.


This competition will use the old barrel roping. The WSTR barrier has succeeded in narrowing the turn zone in each competition to a particular area of the arena. The barrel concept should provide the same affect, the header must turn the steer beyond the barrel. The competition will utilize Facebook live videos for verification and timing. When our staff watches the video, each run will be timed from the time the chute gate opens, until the run is completed. All of team’s round times will be posted.


1. Set a barrel or marker out 60ft from the boxes. Show us with your tape measure.    2. Load 4 different steers in the Chute in order   3. Text us when you are ready, turn on Facebook Live, and make sure you don’t ever stop recording until you complete the course   4. Header must turn steer after the 60ft barrel marker   5. Ropers must dally, face, and come tight   6. Ropers may only win one division one time


Once you're all paid and ready to go, follow these simple steps:

• Click “Enter” and Enter partners ID#

• Choose day

• Pay for both sides

8.5 Ropers - Text 309-368-9357 when ready to rope

7 Ropers - Text 913-645-8572 when ready to rope

• Get Facebook Live ready to show 60ft barrel measurement and begin runs
STEP 1. Measure the barrel distance from the chute to the barrel with a quick recorded measurement verification. The camera should measure the tape at the beginning (chute) and follow the measurement to the barrel, making sure to record at 60 feet;

STEP 2. Each roper, on horseback, must face the camera and for audio purposes the camera operator will introduce them: name, ID#, say if they are heading or heeling;

STEP 3. Immediately ride in the box and proceed to rope all four steers, We will start the clock when the gate opens. The header can rope the horns at any time but must turn past the barrel (or marker).

Video Tips

How do I hold my phone to get the best video?

Hold your phone horizontally (like a TV screen) before you go live and keep it that way through the whole duration of the runs.

Where is the best place to stand when videoing the runs?

Stand at the barrel (60ft from boxes) facing the heeler fence. Take five steps back. Now take 10 steps towards the boxes. You should be able to clearly see the header, heeler, and steer in the chute so we can see the nod and chute gate open to start the time. Then follow the run and turn with them as they pass you so we can see that the header clearly doesn't turn is horse or the steer before the barrel. Stay with them through the turn so we can see the heeler dally plus the header face up.

How do we introduce the team?

Have both partners walk right up to the camera (The closer the better) and loudly announce their names and their roper ID numbers.

This is a long time to hold my phone up. Are there any tricks?

Yes, don't try to freely hold your phone out in front of you for all four runs. Tuck your elbows into your sides and let them rest against your body. That little phone will weigh 50lbs by steer number four if you hold it out in front of you with chicken wings.

EXTREMELY IMPORTANT NOTE: Once you start and it's on Facebook Live, you CANNOT interrupt the feed or stop the video at any point. If the video is deleted, we will consider that a no time, and no refund will be issued. We need to eliminate the opportunity to cheat, no exceptions.

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