Section 1: How it Works

Rope Four Steers, Meet or Beat Par Time to Win a PAID Entry to the WSTR Finale XVI. Refer to specific entry rules under Section 3.

Non-winning Entries: Entry fee $150/roper counts toward accumulated earnings, double accumulated earnings if a Key Card Max member.

Enter unlimited times until you win!

You are not eligible to enter a PPQ Division if:

  • You have already won in that division
  • You have a paid qualification entry in that division
  • You are within 30 days of eligibility for a qualification entry to the Finale in that division

Please Note: If you enter and you or your partner are not eligible, all entry fees are forfeited, regardless of how many times you have entered. If you have a question about eligibility, please review the complete rules below. If you still have questions, text your question to the appropriate number.

Four Divisions

#6 HL cap
Par: 40 seconds
#5.5 HL cap
Par: 45 seconds
#4.5 HD/HL
Par: 55 seconds
#4 HD/HL
Par: 60 seconds

Fees: $150/Roper  |  WSTR/Key Card/Key Card Max Membership Required  |  You Must be 21 to Enter

Section 2: How to Start

Please review the rules to confirm you are eligible. Entry fees are forfeited if you are ineligible.

Enter online, select the division, and pay for your run with your credit card.

Select a Facebook page that you will record and share your run. Make sure the Facebook page is public so that the PPQ Officials can watch your run.

Have your barrel or marker set up and measured to 60 feet. (You will have to show this once your recording is started.)

Select four steers and load in the chute before you begin.

Text the designated number for your division:

  • #7: 913-645-8572
  • #8.5: 309-368-9357
  • #9.5: 505-270-1919
  • #10.5: 505-270-1919

Be sure to include the following information in your text:

  • Header: Name
  • Heeler: Name
  • Division
  • Attempt # (1st attempt, 2nd attempt...)
  • Facebook page you will go live on

This text message is your time verification and will let us know you will be "on camera" and ready to start. You do not have to wait for a reply to start.

Recorded video's must be filmed horizontally. The header and heeler must be in view and faced to time your runs. All Divisions are faced ropings. If you cannot see BOTH the header and heeler, we can't either and your run will be considered a NO TIME with entry fees forfeited.

Once you start recording on Facebook Live, you CANNOT interrupt the feed. If filming starts over, or a video is deleted, the team takes a no time, and the entry fees are forfeited. (This eliminates the opportunity to cheat.)

The event is progressive. Continue filming the four runs (the fourth run is the short round run) until complete. You may turn off the device after any miss.

Ready To Record

Once you send the text to the applicable phone number above you must go live within five minutes.

  • Have your phone turned horizontal before you go live.
  • Measure the barrel distance from the chute to the barrel with a quick recorded measurement. The camera should measure the tape at the front of the chute and follow the measurement to the barrel at 60 feet.
  • Each Roper, horseback, must face the camera and loudly state their name, ID#, Heading or Heeling, and the division they are entered in.
  • Immediately ride in the box and proceed to rope all four steers. Continue the recording until there is a miss/no-time, or all four steers are caught.

The Header can rope the steer at any time but must TURN the steer past the 60 ft marker or barrel.

Recording Your Runs

Section 3: Revised Rules as of 5/15/2022

Qualification vouchers in the PPQ are earned individually, by the roper. Below is a list of how a qualification voucher(s) can be earned and applied. Please note, voucher(s) have no cash value and cannot be redeemed as cash if the roper does not enter the Finale, nor can it be assigned to another roper or rolled to a subsequent year.

  • A Roper who is qualified and entered is not eligible for a Refund of their already paid entry fee using a PPQ Qualification.
  • A Roper who is qualified and NOT ENTERED but is still within their 30-day discount entry eligibility is not eligible to enter the PPQ in that Division.
  • If both ropers are qualified and have a paid entry the team is not eligible to rope in the PPQ.
  • Once you have qualified in a PPQ division you are no longer eligible to compete in that PPQ division regardless of the circumstance, i.e., as a helper, or with a handicap number change, or if you qualified as a Key Card Max member and used it generically in a different Division.
  • A roper is not considered entered in the Finale unless he/she returns the entry paperwork by October 14, 2022.

PPQ Winners:

  • $2000 Generic Key Card Max Entry Voucher to be Applied to Any Division:
    • All Divisions are enter-once. The Roper, who is the Key Card Max Member can apply the voucher to any WSTR Finale Division.
    • Under no circumstance can the voucher be used as a substitute for a paid entry and thus a refund.
    • The partner who is not a Key Card Max Member must use in the Division earned.
  • $2000 Entry Voucher in the Division Won:
    • Roper has not earned a qualification spot in that WSTR Qualifying event.
    • A Roper's previous qualification discount has expired because he/she did not enter in the 30-day discount timeline.
  • $500 Entry Voucher in the Division Won:
    • Awarded to a Roper who has already qualified and entered the WSTR Finale and wants to be a "helper" for a roper who has not qualified. The $500 Entry Voucher can be used in any division, however, is not redeemable in a division where he/she is already qualified and paid $2000.
    • Roper who used the $500 discount voucher can invite a guest.

Additional Rules

  • If a roper's handicap number is raised after the PPQ qualification has been earned that team can either move up to an eligible division that meets their new Handicap Numbers OR each roper can find a replacement partner who meets the entry requirements and priced according to his/her circumstance.
  • Guest/Replacement partner requirements:
    • Must be a current WSTR/USTRC or Key Card/Key Card Max Member,
    • Must have attended a WSTR qualifier event for the current year or a PPQ, or
    • Must have attended the previous year's WSTR Finale
  • Entries for PPQ are open until 8pm Mountain Daylight time or 200 teams/Day whichever occurs first
  • Cattle: for the first time, you can't complain about the cattle because you are using yours. Rule is simple, you must pick four different steers and have them loaded before you begin.


This competition will use the old barrel roping. The WSTR barrier has succeeded in narrowing the turn zone in each competition to a particular area of the arena. The barrel concept should provide the same affect, the header must turn the steer beyond the barrel. The competition will utilize Facebook live videos for verification and timing. When the WSTR staff watches the video, each run will be timed from the time the chute gate opens, until the run is completed. All of team's round times will be posted.
STEP 1. Measure the barrel distance from the chute to the barrel with a quick recorded measurement verification. The camera should measure the tape at the beginning (chute) and follow the measurement to the barrel, making sure to record at 60 feet;

STEP 2. Each roper, on horseback, must face the camera and for audio purposes the camera operator will introduce them: name, ID#, say if they are heading or heeling;

STEP 3. Immediately ride in the box and proceed to rope all four steers, We will start the clock when the gate opens. The header can rope the horns at any time but must turn past the barrel (or marker).

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Helpful Links

Camera Tips

Having Trouble?

Finale Entry Disclosures: 1.) Winner's must declare their entry into the Finale within 30 days of win by sending in a Finale Entry form (available at under forms tab). 2.) Stalls and hotel reservations are not included in the winner's package and cannot be reserved until entry is declared when received. 3.) Entry credit must be used in the division where it was won and must be used as a "team," assignments and transferred are not allowed (in the event of handicap increases the team will be allowed to move up or down to another division together.) 4.) Teams who do not enter the Finale are not eligible for any entry fee credit payment. 5.) A roper who has previously qualified in a division is not eligible to qualify roping in the Practice Pen qualification in that same division. If either roper is already qualified and proceeds to rope, the team will rope under the higher eligible par time and if they win against that par time will win in that higher division. In no instance will a winning team be accepted in any division where one of the ropers is already qualified (no helpers). Any roper who ropes, who is already qualified, and cannot move to a higher PPQ division, will forfeit any team entry fees paid. 6.) If a team does not rope during their designated day/am or pm, it will be considered a turnout and no refund will be paid. If a team has paid but cannot rope in their designated time slot they must reschedule before the end of that time slot or draw out via text message to receive a refund of their entry fee. 7.) Texting serves the purpose of time stamping your video. Not all videos are watched "live." Therefore, if we receive a text but no video, it's a no-time. If we receive a video but no text, it's a no time. 8.) When entering the PPQ, I ACKNOWLEDGE THAT MY PARTNER(s) & I HAVE READ & VOLUNTARILY AGREE TO THE RELEASE & WAIVER OF LIABILITY & INDEMNITY AGREEMENT as posted on website. Under the forms tab: Unconditional Release. Or you may view the pdf by clicking HERE.